​​R Farm of Northwest Ohio
5561 County Road 19.5
Stryker, OH 43557

Frequently Asked Questions

We believe one of the best things you can do for your family's health and well-being is to know your food and know your farmer. Gathering information is the first step in making a well-informed decision about the foods you choose to consume. In that spirit, we have gathered a list of our most frequently asked questions. If you have questions that do not appear below, please contact us and ask. You’ll also find more information on our farming philosophy and practices in the about us section.

Do you use growth hormones?
No. We allow our animals to develop naturally. While it takes longer to produce meat for consumption, we believe it is well worth the wait, and much healthier.

Do your animals consistently receive medication?
No. Antibiotics are only used if an animal is ill, not as a dietary supplement. We choose to remain a small-scale farming operation to ensure sound production and to customize each animal’s care. In fact, people with allergies, cancer survivors and others with health problems often seek out our products because they are a healthier option.

Can your animals go outside? Do they have enough room?
We provide ample space for our animals, which starts with being knowledgeable about their stages of growth and development and the needs for each stage. R Farm’s layout includes outside lots, pastures and large pens. As you browse through our website you’ll see many pictures of our farm’s clean, well-maintained facilities.

What is in your canned beef? How long is each can good for?

Simply put, beef. The only thing added is a small amount of salt for flavor and preservation. Unlike many commercially canned beef products, R Farm beef is canned in its own juices. No added water means you receive more beef for your money. The shelf life of each can is five years from the processing date, which is stamped on the bottom of the can. R Farm canned beef is fully-cooked, making it a great option for a quick meal, camping or an emergency. Many of our customers stock their pantries with canned beef to prepare for harsh winter weather, potential power outages, or just to ensure they have a healthy option on hand for quick family meals.

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